Danica Patrick Visits The Edwards Hospital And Talks About The Importance Of A Healthy Lifestyle

Famous race car driver, Danica Patrick and spokesperson of Edward-Elmhurst Health’s Healthy Driven initiative visited the Edwards and Elmhurst Hospitals. The Edward-Elmhurst Health’s Healthy Driven Initiative helps people have a healthier lifestyle. It was only one of the many ways in which she contributed to the initiative. She is going to be a guest blogger in the Edward-Elmhurst’s new system website and will also be donating 10,000 dollars to the healthcare to support health screenings for women.

“This is a perfect fit. We’re made for each other because Healthy Driven is exactly how I lead my life,” says Patrick. “I’m excited to continue encouraging people to make their health the number one priority in their lives.”

“We’re thrilled that Danica is leading the way to spread the Healthy Driven message,” says Pam Davis, System CEO, Edward-Elmhurst Healthcare. “She’s certainly a role model with the take-charge approach she has for her own health and fitness.”

danica and girl huggingShe did various things in the hospitals. She did a cooking demonstration with the help of Jim Roth, an executive chef of the hospital’s Wildflower Café in front of the patients of Nancy H. Knowles Cancer Centre. She also participated in a panel discussion in which she offered tips to the community leaders and hospital employees. Executives of various companies such as Joe Perrino, CEO of Home Run Inn Pizza and Mary Lou Mastron, CEO of Elmhurst Hospitals also participated in the panel discussion.

Near the end of her visit, she worked out with the patients of Edward Heart Hospital’s Cardiac Rehabilitation Unit and met with the dogs and their handlers of Edward’s Animal-Assisted Therapy Program.

Danica Patrick is one of the most successful female drivers of all time. She is currently No 21 in the Sprint Cup Driver Standings, the highest position achieved by a female race car driver. She is also an avid Crossfit enthusiast and has been known to talk about the how a healthy and balanced lifestyle helped her succeed. She was sponsored by GoDaddy, but as of 2016 Nature’s Bakery, a company that makes on the go snacks and which also promotes health conscious living will be her primary sponsor.

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